Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy Holidays From Paddling Otaku

It has been a very different year for me. I am currently working very hard to build an outdoor program for a major outdoor retailer. The by-product of that is I have very little time to write. I am hoping that changes in the spring when we are up and running full steam. But in the meantime, I wanted to talk about a few things that are going on.

Every year I have run this website, I have posted both a Stocking stuffer post, and a christmas list post. This year I started writing them a couple of times, but was feeling uninspired. In part, because these lists are generally driven by the gear I have added to my personal gear bag, and this year I have added very little, because I really don't need any gear. But for those of you interested, here are some previous Christmas suggestion posts, this is last years, and this is the year before.

One piece of gear that I have upgraded is my GoPro. I sold my two 3+'s and purchased a single 4 silver. So far I am very happy. They do a very good job of making wonderful cameras, which is probably why it is the second most popular camera in the world. Guess what the most popular is?

I am excited that someone came up with a replacement for Royalex. I am also really excited watching the development of the drone market, and curious to see what GoPro announces next year. The rumors are they are getting into the market, and I have been waiting to get into the drone game, but I am going to continue to wait.

I am really curious to see this new Kokatat 2 in 1 drysuit, that becomes single pieces. I love my drysuit, it has a lot of miles on it. I like my system for wearing it, but I am curious to see what this looks like.

I am very close - meaning I just need to find the time - to order a new werner paddle. After This years Alaska Trip I had to permanently retire my Carbon Camano, and that is exactly what I am replacing it with. In fact, my Kalliste will become my backup. Which means I am downgrading my paddle. Part of the reason I upgraded, was I felt to be taken seriously I had to be using the top of the line paddle, but I have since come to my senses. I no longer want to make purchase decisions based on other peoples perceived perceptions of me, and my skills as a paddler.

I am a little upset with I used to love GearJunkie, as I felt they did real reviews. Now I feel like it is a commercial for gear. I don't feel that they offer any real insight, and they never say anything bad. A review should have good things and bad things about the product, no product is perfect. I love my Delta Seventeen, but there are a few things about it that aren't perfect, and I have talked about it. Despite the fact that I am upset with Gearjunkie, I don't think they care.

As I am working a real job - my other jobs were real, but this is more real - and it has me thinking about my goals and where I want to spend my time. I think a very interesting post is coming, but I think it is still a long way off.

As I slide into a new year I am thinking about the things I am thankful for. I am happy to have had such an amazing year (and life really) and all the things I got to do. To go paddling in Alaska with two wonderful people. To paddle on quiet days here in central North Carolina. I am really a very lucky person. If you don't feel lucky, you should work on it. We only get one chance at this. Make it count.

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