Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Slow Down

Something that has long bothered me is the way we can no longer slow down. By 'we' I mean us as a culture and specifically I am talking about the United States. I can't speak for other countries, obviously. And by slow down I mean, have the ability to take some time, and be alone with our thoughts. We are constantly rushing from one thing to another while talking on our phone the entire time.

I am as guilty as anyone, but I work hard to make myself have the time to take it easy. One of the nice things about raising a puppy is that I have to spend time just sitting keeping an eye on her. This is coming to an end as she is growing, and needs less supervision.

My sister takes a train into Manhattan each day, and then walks downtown to her office. I think this is a great choice as I am sure it gives her time to think. We all need time to think. I remember New Years Eve 1999, I lived in the west village at Houston street. I spent New Years Eve at a friends house on Long Island, and I needed to take the Long Island Rail Road. I decided to walk from my apartment downtown to Penn station. 34 blocks. About a mile and a half. It was a lovely walk.

I like picking one thing to focus on, and really focusing on the process. Cooking an egg. Making a cup of tea. Watching the rain - which I have had a lot of opportunity to do recently.

It is something that is very easy to do when paddling. I can focus on my stroke, or I can simply watch the surface of the water as I paddle, or the sway of the trees in the breeze. It is of course a meditation of sorts. Anything can be a meditation.

Ink - Written by Hand from Ryan Couldrey on Vimeo.

I love this short film about the skill of writing by hand, which is being lost on current generations. They simply aren't teaching children to write with paper and pen anymore. As they say in this film, when you put pen to paper you spend a little more time crafting your words. Most everyone writes today without thinking about it, without crafting what they are writing. Something I enjoy about this is I am forced to think about what I am writing. It forces me to slow down.

Find some time. Do some yoga, or just sit with a  cup of tea and watch the rain.

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