Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tiny house Not tiny enough?

I have a knack for picking trends. Unfortunately I am not good at recognizing that I have picked an up and coming trend, and somehow capitalizing on it. I started rock climbing before there were indoor rock gyms, and before most people knew it was a thing. Somewhere I have a list of things like that, but a big one is the Tiny house craze. I have been following that movement since the only option for tiny houses was Tumbleweed, I currently know two people under construction on tiny's and a third who is thinking about it.

I tried to convince my wife we should do a tiny house, but she says a tiny house with two 40 pound bull terrier puppies is a recipe for disaster. She may be right (and in fact she usually is). But recently I have become enamored with "van life". Now you can't help but think about living in a van without this coming to mind.

It isn't like that anymore. There is an amazing van culture - primarily VW vans - being displayed on instagram. just do a search for #vanlife and you will be amazed by both the culture of van life and the quality of photography. My wife is enamored by the VW bus, and ICON 4x4 just rebuilt and updated one.

I prefer the Mercedes/Freightliner Sprinter Vans, and I was walking through a parking lot the other day and came across this.

There was a small crowd standing around it talking, and as I approached they were all disappointed that I wasn't the owner - as was I - and as I stood there and other people arrived to look at it and take pictures I felt the same disappointment that they weren't the owners. The van you are looking at is the extended length with the high roof, and it is also four wheel drive, which is pretty incredible. We finally found the owners and they were a retired couple who were just starting their life on the road. They were coming back from the outer banks, after a week of rain with hurricane joaquin. My biggest problem if how would I get two kayaks on the roof of a very tall van? Hullivator? Time will tell, I still have to convince the wife. 

Ill let you think about this, while you watch the rest of that amazing Chris Farley SNL bit. 


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