Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Goodbye Facebook

I am pretty much done with Facebook.

As I continue to work to simplify my life, I am growing more and more frustrated with Facebook. I view Facebook as an internet drug. It lures me back day after day because of never ending curiosity. What are my friends, who are scattered all over the United States and Canada, doing. Yet I spend most of my time frustrated by what I am seeing. Honestly it is mostly friends of friends who are frustrating me, but nonetheless, I am frustrated.

I don't mind the kitten and puppy videos. The kids first day of school, or the myriad other random videos and pics people post. Many of my friends on Facebook are active in the outdoors, or work in the outdoors and it is nice to see what they are doing. I love knowing that Sarah (who I paddled the inside passage with) is now a competitive mountain biker. I love seeing updates from all the paddlers I know and all the amazing adventures that are happening every day. At any given moment, I can see experienced slackline/highliners, amazing kayakers, highly skilled mountain bikers and climbers. But to get to these amazing photos and videos I have to wade through a sea of crap.

It is the never ending clickbait links that people post without realizing (I hope!) that they are just feeding money a micro cent at a time to Facebook or some other entity. Any post that has a sentence like "you won't believe what happens next!" or a list post with a sentence like "wait until you see number 7!" These are designed solely to draw clicks, and clicks are money.

It is closed minds that think a red cup is an assault on their religion, instead of just a cup holding coffee. Really? You don't think there are more important things to be worried about? If you are insulted by something you see on Facebook, stay away from reddit or 4chan because your head might explode.

It is the never ending list of people who still think global climate change is a liberal media attack on big business, Planned parenthood sells baby parts, and that health care and good education aren't included on a list of peoples rights.

I stuck with Facebook for a long time, because I was hoping that it was driving traffic to my website, and then hopefully to my book. But I have known for quite sometime that it isn't driving traffic, primarily because no one can see it. Facebook dramatically limits who can see your posts.

There are a handful of wonderful people that I don't get to see - because they live hundreds or thousands of miles away - who I use can see on Facebook. I can see what they are up to, and how things are going. That is the only thing that keeps me using this site.

I am really starting to think that Instagram is the way to go. There is little to no spam. There is no click bait nonsense. People are limited to one photo or a 15 second video. But even this isn't perfect. It would be great if they would step into the 21st century and allow you to post from your computer, and as an iPad user I would really like an iPad native app that would allow pinch to zoom to work.

What I would really like is a cross between Facebook and Instagram with a bigger lean towards video. Maybe stretch the video length out to 30 seconds. Allow only user generated content. With an adventure sports theme. I would really like that. Maybe it could have "pools" of media you could follow, so you don't have to just follow people, but follow a kayak pool, or a climbing pool (think of pools as keywords I guess) That would be wonderful, I really need to learn how to code...

My instagram is about to break 100 followers - which is nothing! - If you are interested in seeing what I am up to, follow me there and I will follow you back.

So that is it. I am done with Facebook. PaddlingOtaku Facebook will still get updated with feeds from my website, and instagram. I am pushing to do more video content. I will probably poke my head into Facebook now and then. But for the most part, see ya.

(for the people that I normally contact via Facebook expect more calls and texts from me. )

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  1. The trick to facebook is to block everyone from your newsfeed that posts garbage. Eventually you will get it narrowed down to things you enjoy seeing. My biggest gripe with isntagram is that there is no setting for it to stay where you were last, so the first thing i do when i open the app is to scroll back to the last picture i remember seeing. I wish it was more like twitter in that regard. Facebook's killer feature at this point is that everyone is on it, so as long as i let it grab my instagram photos my extended family will see that i'm alive and not call me to check in all the time. So many of them don't even have email addresses anymore, it boggles my mind.