Monday, December 7, 2015

Kayaking Christmas 4 - The stocking stuffers!

Part two of the Christmas post season here at Paddling Otaku is the Stocking stuffer list. This is a less expensive list of little things for the kayaker in your life. It started in year one when someone complained about the $10,000 kayak on the list.  So here is a list of 10 items all for under $25.00

Safety is key and nothing says your loved one is important like apiece of gear that can literally save their life. In the previous list I mentioned first aid kits, and WFA classes, but here are another couple of items that can make a difference before and after something bad happens.

#1 - The Fox 40 Whistle. You can blow a whistle much longer than you can call for help, and this whistle is designed to be heard over great distances and isn't impeded by water. It should be on every PFD.  Get it in orange, for around $5, and while we are on the topic get them a rescue signal mirror also. Better to be prepared. 

#2 - After you have had something bad happen, you have helped rescuers find you by blowing your whistle, you have rendered aid with your First Aid Kit, and the skills you got from your WFA course, it is time write down all that happened to your patient and what interventions you took. We use the SOAP note format for that, and for decades we have done it on paper. No more, now you can do it with the Wilderness Medicine Institutes app, available here for free.

Two items that make any campsite more festive, particularly around the holiday seasons, #3 try the Eno Twilights for $19.95. Guaranteed to make any campsite more fun.

I also like #4 the Festy Flags from Eno, Also $19.95 which are kind of like tibetan prayer flags, which always look nice in a campsite. Maybe you should just get those! Available here for $14.95

A couple of other apps I couldn't live without, #5 Dark Skies is a micro weather app that gives very accurate (usually) very localized weather reports like "Rain stopping in 8 minutes, starting again in 22." Get it here for $3.99. If highly localized isn't right for the situation, how about just looking to see what is to the west with #6 the MyRadar weather App. This one is Free.

#7 Just as GoPro cameras are always on the list, I also have GoPro Batteries on the list. If you ask me they don't need to make the camera any smaller, just make the batteries bigger. In the mean time, stock up, they are only $20.00

#8 Coffee is key, right BeardedCanadian?! Those Yeti Mugs are getting hard to find, try this one. Yeti is what everyone is using. The cool people are using HydroFlask, add a closing sip lid for a few bucks more. Pair it with this for best cup of back country coffee you have every had.

Speaking of Snow Peak, do yourself a favor and just slide over to their website. They make the most amazing gear - I love this Titanium Sake cup. There is almost nothing one their site for under $25.00 but all their gear is amazing.

#9 I know I have mentioned this before, but Gordon Brown Sea Kayak for intermediate to Advanced paddlers is the best kayaking book on the planet. Bar none. I hope he is working on a second book. Get it here for around $15.00

#10 I don't have a link for, but encourage the person you are shopping for to do something epic. It is a skill builder, a confidence builder, and a story generator. Buy them maps of someplace cool - the IP, the UP, the OBX (lets see how many location specific abbreviations I can come up with!) On the East Coast go to Maine or PEI. Tell them to paddle safe and have fun. You could do this with non-kayaking picture books, or videos too.

Happy Holidays!

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