Friday, December 4, 2015

Kayaking Christmas 4

I was too busy working last year to make Kayaking Christmas happen which is too depressing for words. This is one of my favorite posts to do each year - because when you get right down to it I am a gear head. So without further delay, here is your kayakers holiday wish list for this year. Listed from least expensive to most expensive.

I have become a huge fan of this Yoga Studio App - it doesn't replace taking a class but is wonderful when you want to practice alone. it is only $3.99 and worth every penny. If you aren't doing yoga already, start. It will dramatically increase your comfort in the cockpit - in both flexibility and strength.

I love sea to summit dry bags. Sorry Seal line, they stole me away. They did it subtly, with lower prices, a more diverse product line. Quality is great from both brands, but I prefer the selection from Sea to summit. They are awesome for paddling as well as hiking, or backpacking. Starting at $14.95

A first aid kit, any first aid kit. People don't like buying them for themselves, do it for them. I like the REI kits $24.50, but these are good too. When you are done with that, recommend that your loved one and paddling partners take a Wilderness First Aid course. Who knows, maybe I will be your instructor.

If you don't have a sawyer mini (or squeeze) you are missing the boat. 3 ounces, no filter replacements needed. Usable in just about any manner - inline, gravity fed, squeeze right into your mouth. A steal at $25.00

Headlamps are always on the list, and they are always Black Diamond, because Black Diamond just keeps upping the ante. This year they increased the Black Diamond SPOT to 200 lumens - which is a little ridiculous - and made it waterproof which was the reason I changed to the Storm. To make it even better it is still only $39.95. I will not paddle without a headlamp. You never know.

These wicked cool titanium chopsticks. okay, why chopsticks? A number of reasons, they slow your down when you are eating, which is good for your body and mind. I am also all about adding a layer of civilization to our outdoor adventures, and even if you are eating packaged ramen, when you eat those noodles with chopsticks it just makes the day seem better. $60.00

You slide up onto the beach, set up camp, and then create an amazing dinner. Dine like a civilized person - we're not backpackers after all! - and sit in a chair that keeps your bottom of the cold ground like the REI Flexlite chair $72.50, maybe even add a little table like this one.

SPOT Devices are FREE! Okay, not exactly. Spot is offering a rebate for the cost of device when you pay for a year of service. Tell your loved ones you don't want them to end up like this guy. $99.00 a year.

Want to chill around camp, maybe you're not ready to slide into your bag? Set up your eno doublenest with Atlas straps and enjoy the starry night. (Around $100 for both) - so there was this campsite in BC with an improvised rope hammock... amazing.

The Werner Camano (all carbon version) is the best, lightest, all-around paddle for touring kayakers. I like the kalliste, but prefer the Camano and it is less expensive to boot! $349.00

Another frequent visitor to this list is GoPro Cameras, and this year is no different. This time however I am not recommending the Hero 4 Black. Take it back a notch and go for the Hero 4 Silver $399.00, Amazing camera, and not too expensive. Unless you are a professional film maker, you don't need the 4k resolutions.

Pick any number of Goal Zero product, and they will help keep your phone, go pro, and whatever else you need charged. I swear by my Sherpa 50 and Nomad 13, but tech wise it is getting a little old. Now there is a Sherpa 100 and Nomad 20! Yikes, that should power just about anything you have in the field, just turn the phone off. We get out here to get some separation from our hectic lives. $599.00

Stay tuned for the less expensive Stocking stuffer list, coming soon.

And if this isn't enough, previous years lists are here, and here, one more here.

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