Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What I've been up to

I am actually still here. I am just not writing much lately.

I am teaching a lot, and surprisingly teaching a lot of stand up paddle boarding - which is only humorous because at the beginning of the season I was told to focus my energies on kayaking. I am teaching other things as well. Wilderness First Aid continues to be a big course for me, usually teaching one a month.

Much to many people chagrin, I don't have a big trip planned, though I am living vicariously through Gecko paddlers San Juan trips. I do frequently get asked where I would like to paddle that I haven't. The list for me is short, primarily because I have been good about making paddle trips a reality in the past. I would like to go to Patagonia. I would also like to paddle Iceland. Any of the Northern European countries actually, Finland, Norway, or Sweden. Nova Scotia? That is really about it.

Tomorrow I have an opportunity to paddle a newer version of my Delta Seventeen. Curious to see the changes.

But what I have really been working on is this:

the month from Brett Friedman on Vimeo.

About 6 months ago I realized it was time to jump into aerial imagery via an Unmanned Aircraft System - which is what the FAA calls a drone. Two days ago I passed my FAA Remote Pilot Airman certification test. I hope to do some commercial work, but right now I am just having fun. And shooting a lot.

I have a book I want to write, I think that will become my fall project as teaching season slows down.  That is what I have been working on. I am very active on Instagram, and that is really the best place to see what I am shooting at any given time. Check me out there, or on Facebook.

Ill keep paddling, you should do the same.