Sunday, January 8, 2017

Climate Change Denial - What I don't Understand

Okay, so..... Clearly, I have read, and for the most part understand the science of Climate Change. I have also been to Alaska and seen the effects in the form of Glaciers that have retreated massively. I have had conversations with climatologists who have worked hard to understand what is happening, and their repayment is being denigrated, and in some cases threatened.

Let me say for clarity, the only part of the science that is unclear is just how bad the effects will be, and understanding just how it will play out.

But, if you don't believe the science, keep reading. Because it is you I want to hear from. I want you to explain to me what you are thinking, and your responses to a couple of questions.

If you think the scientists are wrong, or you think that the scientists are in some form of collusion, to bilk the american people (or their own country if they do their research someplace else) out of millions of dollars, let me throw out some info for you. My wife is a public health researcher and has done work with grants from various sources. When a researcher - any researcher - gets a grant, they don't actually get the money. It goes to the institution they work for (in my wifes case a state university) and that institution controls the money. It covers the researchers salary, and expenses for the research. So the thought that researchers are doing this for the research money is ridiculous.

If you think that we have no choice but to use coal and oil and natural gas to power our cities, I would point out that many countries are making renewables work. China is spending billions to be a leader in renewables, and frankly is making us look bad. They are being the world leaders we used to be, and honestly, they will probably beat us to Mars, but that is a discussion for another day. But it isn't just China, Developing countries are spending money on renewables too, you know why? Because it's cheap. Cheaper than oil, coal or nuclear, and oh yeah, its cleaner too.

If you think it will put oil workers, and coal workers out jobs, it will, but not for a long while. Oil isn't going anywhere, it will be along time before electric cars take over, and it will take time for coal to be replaced. But by decreasing our oil use we could source it locally. (except we still need to buy it from the middle east, to keep those people happy so they buy airplanes, but like I said before, a discussion for another day.) But at the same time, it will create millions of jobs because someone has to install all that solar/wind/geothermal.

But, if by some chance, we are wrong about climate change. Then we are "stuck" with renewable power leaving us energy independent, with updated infrastructure and clean water and air. Wouldn't that be terrible?

So I am wondering who is against renewables, well, billionaires that own oil companies. that's who. If I were a billionaire with money tied up in oil or gas or coal, I would be scared too. That makes sense, I understand that. If it were me, I would pivot to solar, but that's just me.

But what about non-billionaires. What about regular joe's who work for a living? Why are you against renewable energy? Tell me. Do you honestly think it is some kind of con? Tell me.

Im not the smartest guy in the world, but I really want to understand.