Tuesday, September 3, 2019

An extremely productive summer.

Well, it's September.

Summer is over - though I will be teaching for another month like it was still summer - and I am extremely excited about all I have accomplished. Here is a quick list.

I published two small books (and a third is on the way!) These are the Simple Guides to Paddle Sports, one kayaking, and one sup and you can follow the links to find them on Amazon in both kindle form and paperback. Think of these as "quick start guides" for specific sports. What you need to get started, not a deep dive. Let's not forget that I also published a 300 page monster last year at this time, GO! Planning Weekend Trips to Month Long Adventures. All of these books are also available on Apple Books if you are of the iPad/Mac persuasion. The Simple Guide books are selling really well. Keep in mind for me 4 books a month is considered doing really well. But The Simple Guide to Kayaking sold twelve copies in its first three weeks. So I am super excited. Hey don't judge. Support an independent author who does this all himself with no marketing wing!

I finished my American Sailing Association (ASA) 101 course which is a certification for sailing keeled sailboats, which means, sailboats with a  keel which is bigger than I aha been sailing. You can see a video about that process here.  I am also prepping for my ASA 106 (I think it's 106) and that is a coastal navigation class, as a nav geek I am super excited to take it.

I have been diligent in sailing most weeks, okay most every two weeks. As my instructor said in the beginning of the year it is about tiller time, and I am working hard to build up experience. Hit me up if you want to go sailing.

I have gotten busy on Youtube posting videos on a  regular schedule, check them out here. I am not quite proud of my actual content yet, but I am working on it... It is a work in progress... It is coming along... but really, give me a subscribe. It'll pay off. No really. (Jonah! Just go subscribe on Youtube already!)

Finally, my Instagram has crossed the 700 followers mark, and I am working my way towards 1000. The content on Instagram I AM really proud of. It is where my background in photography really shines, so please, if you're not following me on Insta, it is time...

A productive year, and I still have a quarter of it left! AND I have big plans for 2020. Another ASA course, a NOLS course in Baja, and a lot of sailing not to mention teaching another dozen WFA courses, as well as my normal teaching load. Want to learn a new skill? Hit me up! See you outside.

Hey check out my most popular video!

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