Sunday, December 8, 2019

the 2019 Adventure Otaku Holiday Gear Stocking Stuffer List.

Okay, here we go. A week ago we had the full gear list, now it's time for the Stocking Stuffer List! As always, I am not sponsored by any of these companies, this is just gear I use, trust and enjoy!

The first piece fo gear I grab every time I go to teach or to play in the outdoors. A Buff ($28) that is both UV resistant as well as treated with permethrin so it keeps the bugs away too.

The Simple Guides - Backpacking, Kayaking, and Stand Up Paddle boarding ($3.99 - $5.99) Short little books, that contain everything you need to get started. From gear selection to basic strokes and skills.

The next is one of my all-time favorites. The GSI Kung Foon - A spork and Chopsticks combination that combine to make a long handled spork for eating freeze dried food.

Coffee is key. Both psychologically, and in terms of comfort. There is nothing better than a hot cup of joe on a cold morning to get you out of your tent. I have struggled with coffee makers in the back country but have finally found one I like. The Sea to Summit X-Brew. Folds flat and packs to nothing. Expands to make an awesome pour over. REALLY. GREAT. COFFEE. For an extra jolt do what I do. Use espresso! That'll wake you up.

I love maps, and charts. When I am working on a map and navigating way to adventure and excitement I use Blackwing 602 pencils. "half the pressure - twice the speed" - It seems like a simple thing, a pencil. But until you use this pencil you don't know the whole story. This pencil has a cult following. Need I say more?

The next two things on the list are medical. The first is a problem solver. So much so that I am thinking about replacing the knife on my pfd with a pair of EMS trauma shears. DO NOT FALL for the $60 trauma shears, or even $30 trauma shears. These are $6.99, work forever and will cut anything! You can't go wrong.

We get cuts and lacerations in the backcountry. When it is more than a band aid can handle this is what you need - The NOLS Wound kit (except training, see the previous list for that!) You don't want to do stitches or staples or glue in the backcountry - you want to use this kit.

Finally, with things like tick born illnesses getting more common we need to take precautions to the next level. Instead of bug repellent that goes on your skin, put this product - sawyer permethrin - on your clothing! One treatment is good for 6 weeks or 6 washings. You apply it before you go on your trip so you don't have to carry anything with you in the backcountry.